High-five fails: Corbyn isn’t the only one to be left red-faced

From presidential debates to sporting victories, here’s a few other high-fives gone awry

Jeremy Corbyn was making the news for more than one reason Friday morning as his “high-five fail” with a party colleague went viral.

The British Labour leader's awkward interaction with Emily Thornberry,the party's shadow foreign secretary, happened as they were celebrating Labour's election results.

However it’s not the first, and unlikely to be the last of a high-five gone awry.

Donald Trump and Ben Carson 

During a Republic presidential debate in the US in September 2016, the then White House hopeful Donald Trump had an awkward moment with rival Ben Carson when he tried to high-five the neurosurgeon following comments Carson made about the Bush administration on the Iraq war.


Melania and Baron Trump

During Donald Trump’s inauguration in Washington in January, his wife Melania was left red-faced after trying to high-five the couple’s son, Baron.

Nicole Richie and Cat Greenleaf

Sometimes a high-five can even turn into a inadvertent slap as Nicole Richie found out during an interview with Cat Greenleaf for NBC's Talk Stoop.

Brad Haddin 

In some cases, a misplaced high-five can even lead to an eye injury, as Australian cricketer Brad Haddin experienced during another celebratory moment gone wrong.