How safe are women in Ireland? Tell us about your experiences

The Sarah Everard case has sparked concern about harassment and assault on Irish streets

The Sarah Everard case has horrified people everywhere, sparking concerns about women's safety and prompting women to talk about their own stories of being harassed, assaulted and worse. Have you been through any of these experiences, and would you like to share your story with The Irish Times?

Sarah Everard was walking home from a friend's flat, in south London, when she went missing, on March 3rd. Over the weekend, Wayne Couzens, a 48-year-old police constable, appeared in court charged with kidnapping and killing the 33-year-old marketing executive.

Many people believe this is a problem for society as a whole – especially men – to deal with, not one that women should be expected to deal with alone. Do you agree? Where do you believe the solution lies?

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