Health Scan: Fionn Davenport


Do you think you have a healthy lifestyle?
It’s healthier than most, but not as healthy as some. I’m quite healthy but I can also be quite lazy about it. I probably eat more healthily than I used to.

How often do you exercise?
Two or three times a week. I play football regularly, though I have an Achilles injury at the moment. Some of my teammates might say “play” is stretching it – maybe, “show up and run around”. I play golf twice a week, I walk and I cycle.

Do you get your five a day?
Coffee counts as one of the five, doesn’t it? I’d say I get three a day. I have vegetables at lunch, I definitely eat a piece of fruit during the day and I probably have veg with dinner. I love vegetables and fruit but I’m probably just lazy about it.

Do you worry?
I’m a freelancer without a pension or a fixed contract, I have some negative equity and I have absolutely no savings – so, no, what’s to worry about? Of course I worry.

What do you do to relax?
I find golf very relaxing. I
read, watch football and play football which relaxes me a lot. Without any effort, all of your cares and concerns just disappear while you’re
playing sport.

What’s your unhealthiest habit?
I don’t drink and I don’t smoke at all. I had testicular cancer 10 years ago when I was 35. It was caught early. I didn’t have any big epiphany but I made little incremental changes to my life. I was a heavy smoker and I quit. I’ve definitely become a little bit healthier. I live an active life especially with travel and I don’t want to do anything that stops me pursuing the things I enjoy.

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Fionn Davenport is a travel writer and broadcaster