Health tip of the day: try tiger nuts

Wrinkled root vegetable is full of fibre and low in calories


Related to tigers only by the stripes on their skins, tiger nuts neither come from tigers nor are they actually nuts. They’re actually coconut-flavoured tubers. They’re small, wrinkled root vegetables that originate in northern Africa and the Mediterranean, and they’re the new big thing.

Apparently our ancestors used to eat them endlessly, and now they’re trying to edge out almonds and cashews as the new healthy snack. Because they’re not actually a nut, they’re suitable for those with nut allergies. They’re high in probiotic fibre, meaning they’re great for your digestive system. As well as that, they’re low in calories, and a great source of potassium, iron and vitamin E, which is why they’re being hailed as one of the most nutrient-packed healthy snacks you can try. Worth a go to keep those mid-afternoon chocolate cravings at bay.