Health tip of the day: increase your fish intake

Oily fish are especially good for you


We all could do with eating more fish. Between the proteins it has that aren’t present in meat, and the high levels of omega-3 oils, the nutrient value of fish is too good for you to skip out on it. It’s easier to digest than meat and contains a pile of healthy fats.

Oily fish like salmon, mackerel, trout, anchovies, tuna or sardines are big sources of omega-3 oils, which are one of nature’s best natural anti-inflammatories. To maximise the benefit, you’d want to be eating fish two or three times a week.

Eating fish every week has also been linked to effects on grey matter in the brain, which is the major functional tissue in the brain that processes information, stores memories and makes you human. Many studies have shown slower rates of cognitive decline despite age in people who regularly consumer fish.