App helps families to share the care

Finian Duff Lennon (9) from Dublin helps promote the Jointly app.

Finian Duff Lennon (9) from Dublin helps promote the Jointly app.

A new app to support family carers is to be

launched in Ireland tomorrow, as part of National Carers Week.

Called Jointly, it helps carers to communicate, co-ordinate tasks and share updates among family members and others involved in an individual’s care, according to Liam O’Sullivan, executive director of Care Alliance Ireland.

He believes the app can offer practical support for family carers in Ireland.

“It’s particularly helpful when there are a number of adult children caring for, say, ageing parents,” he says.

“It saves them having to call, text or email numerous family members. You can just put in a short update on how the parents were when you visited them; what jobs you did and what still needs doing; and any changes to medication or appointments. It also helps track changes in the person’s wellbeing.”

The Jointly app, which was developed by Carers UK, is available for download on iPhone, iPad (iOS version 6.0 and above) and Android or through web browsers on computers, laptops and mobile devices.

Circle of care

Jointly is free to download. You can then buy a “circle of care” and invite others to join and share information, such as to-do lists, a calendar and details of current and previous medications.

According to Mr O’Sullivan, the app’s main impact will be to improve communication between family carers.

National Carers’ Week runs until June 15th.

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