Lovely thought: a small can of very expensive beer can help an animal in need

Dublin brewer selling cans of ale to help horse charity

Ireland’s most expensive beer has gone on sale just in time for Christmas but anyone who buys a can will get an invite to a party while at the same time helping animals in need.

While €8 for a 330ml can of ale may see eyebrows arched, the Dublin brewers behind it are hopeful people will be happy to pay the price for their limited edition winter ale when they realise all the money made is to be used to rescue animals from distress.

The Winter Ale brewed by D8 Beers, an enterprise built on the notion "that good beer, made by good people will bring good to others" has been released to raise cash for My Lovely Horse Rescue -

As well as helping animals in need, beer buyers will also get an invitation to a suitably socially distanced virtual party hosted by musicians Cathy Davey and Neil Hannon which is to be held next Friday.


“Dublin 8 has rich history of brewing and distilling, at the heart of these endeavours was the humble work horse,” Marcus Lynam of D8 Brewers said.

“The people behind our chosen charity are solid, good folk with big hearts. These good people work tirelessly to bring comfort and save the lives of animals in unfortunate situations. We think their great work should be rewarded.”

He pointed to the “attitude” of Dublin 8 as the motivation for going “pretty strong” with their ale. It clocks in at a pretty hefty 8 per cent.

At €8 per 330ml can or €35 for four cans in a D8 Tote bag, he accepts that the price is “a touch extravagant” but insists that it’s a “good beer for a good cause - so really, it’s an easy €8 donation for a free beer!”

Purchase is only online at and everyone who buys a can gets a unique code and a time to pick-up their beer at the Thomas House on Thomas St. As to the taste, the brewers promise drinkers hints of honeycomb, caramel, dried fruits, biscuit and orange zest.

Conor Pope

Conor Pope

Conor Pope is Consumer Affairs Correspondent, Pricewatch Editor and cohost of the In the News podcast