How are you celebrating St Patrick’s Day overseas? Share your experience

Let us know what are up to this March 17th, wherever you are in the world

It's shaping up to be a St Patrick's Day like no other, with lots of places, including Ireland, still living under tight coronavirus restrictions. And whereas lockdown had a bit of novelty value this time last year, when many events also had to be cancelled, any trace of that is long gone.

So what are you doing, wherever you are in the world? We’d love to hear your experience of celebrating all things Irish, however scaled back they have to be. If you’re anything like us, lockdown living means food will be playing an even bigger role in the day than it normally does, so tell us what you’re eating and drinking too, especially if it’s something a little more unusual than bacon and cabbage with a pint of stout.

You can submit your contributions using the form on this page. If you’d like to submit a photograph or two, even better.

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A selection of responses may be published in The Irish Times.

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