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Pop art is making a splash on the street

Where art goes, fashion is sure to follow. This spring has seen two major retrospectives at London’s Tate Modern: the darkly funny work of original pop-art pioneer Richard Hamilton, and the joyous, faith-affirming, colourful cut-outs of

Henri Matisse


(Left; jeans £26-31 from Boden)


A little closer to home, Richard Mosse’s

The Enclave

series was shown at the RHA, his films depicting the violence and beauty of the Democratic Republic of Congo in a surreal swathe of shocking pink.

(Right; Satchel by the Leather Satchel Company, €126.41, at

While the pop art trend in fashion is nowhere near, shocking, life-affirming or darkly funny, it can still make a splash on the street. Bold graphic prints on T-shirts are easy to pull off, as are Warhol-esque flat florals in primary colours. This leather satchel is a fun, paint-splattered homage. Bold block colours make a statement too, although to certain people, all yellow jeans declare is the wearer’s need for a tan.

(Left; Red floral print swing dress, €45, River Island)