From blusher to eyeshadow, the best beauty products to buy now

Embrace citrus scents to ease into the day, peach tones for blush and shimmer for eyes

There are plenty of healthy ways to appreciate the moment. I’ve been trying to engineer them into my life in an attempt to stave off the usual inclination of my mind at this time of year. It tends to cast forward into autumn, lamenting the loss of a summer that is still all around me. I’ve been running, because frankly it hurts too much to allow the mind to focus on anything but surviving the next ten seconds. Less traumatically, I’ve been knitting again after a lacuna of a couple of years – there is immense comfort in seeing a creation extend itself under your fingers.

I have also been embracing the summer season in beauty terms, to revel in and prolong the textures, aromas and colours of summer while we are still in it. Using products that appeal deeply to you right now – that resonrevel in and prolong the textures, aromas and colours of summer while we are still in it.ate in your bones – is a way of situating yourself in your surroundings and appreciating the present.

It should of course go without saying though that I am still lazy, so easy, quick-fix products are all that appeal to me. Usually, I abhor a shower gel that threatens to “invigorate” me in the morning. I prefer to ease myself into the day rather than shocking my body with some eye-watering minty or lemony wash that seems more appropriate for cleaning the grout.

However, Aesop Citrus Melange Body Cleanser (€37 at Space NK) is a gentle, respectable and grown-up morning shower wash. The citrus fragrance is stimulating and beautifully summery but not overwhelming or sharp.

I like to follow it with Diptyque Fresh Lotion for the Body (€45 at Brown Thomas), which is instantly absorbed and features an intense orange blossom scent. It smells transportingly of summer holidays and the elegant packaging makes it feel like the fanciest possible way to start the day.

You can't embrace summer without some colour. Trinny London Lip Glow in Bella (€18.50 at is a new universal nude from the stackable-pot makeup brand. It's a truly universal peachy nude gloss that is applied with fingers and looks fresh on everyone; an everyday no-brainer.

Next, some shimmer. You should cut ties immediately with anyone who says there is an age limit for shimmery eye shadows. We simply don’t need people with that sort of caustic idiocy bringing the rest of us down. Shimmer looks good on everyone. Lash it on liberally – the brightening effect opens the eyes and makes us all look a little less exhausted. I love YSL Beaute A Palette For Paris Colour Clutch (€115 at Brown Thomas). Obviously, a ten-shadow palette featuring pinks and a bellowing yellow might not be your thing, but the shimmery textures are delectable. Raid your make-up bag and try a bit of shimmery colour on the eyes just for the joy of it if you can.

Finish with fragrance that will carry you into autumn without trapping you there – Maison Margiela REPLICA Coffee Break (€112 at Brown Thomas). A cashmere sweater in a bottle, it is both light and warm with a creamy overtone.