Beauty tips and tricks: A good line in brow maintenance

Strong eyebrows are having a moment, and there are lots of products to help define them

Eimear Hutchinson, who blogs at

These days it’s all about the brows, and rightly so. A strong eyebrow defines the face and gives even the most casual of make-up a polished finish. There are three main elements to the perfect brow: shape, fill and sharpen. Threading and waxing are longer-lasting options for shaping brows, and plucking is perfect for removing stray hairs between appointments. I’ve opted for threading of late, putting aside the strange sensation involved in the process, which leaves no redness on the skin and is extremely precise.

Filling in brows has gained huge momentum; the market is almost flooded with different wands, pots and kits. I flit between the Sleek Brow Kit (€9.99) and Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade (€18.70). Both serve the same purpose. The latter is a longer-lasting option, although it requires a very light hand in application.

Sharpening your eyebrows is a tip I picked up from the girls in Urban Decay in Mahon Point, Co Cork, and it has almost revolutionised my eyebrow routine. Using Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Eden (€21) and a flat eyeshadow – or concealer – brush, apply the product along and hugging the brow line. This gives a lovely sharp definition to the brow and covers stray hairs.

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