A make-up refresh that takes minutes but lasts for hours

Get a refreshed look without removing your day make-up

Regardless of how reluctant a socialiser you are, it is likely that you have the good manners to freshen up a bit after a long day before subjecting others to potential scruffiness or body odour. A mini deodorant in the desk drawer, a toothbrush and paste, maybe some water wipes (for emergencies).

Make-up wearers will usually refresh their face too – in part because hours old make-up will often depict a weariness beyond even that we feel, and in part because evening makeup is a chance to have a bit more fun. Frankly, a short notice invitation to socialise will always set the heart crossways in me. I feel the call to be quietly at home with my half-knitted hat and some tea. Sometimes, though, (social) duty calls.

You don't need to redo your foundation, even if it isn't sitting well. Instead, try a trick that I shared in a short video on Instagram – a make-up refresh. All it takes is three products you may well already have lying around.

You will need a clean, smallish fluffy brush like the Real Techniques Setting Brush (€9.99 at Boots), which is small enough to get even under the eye area but large enough to do the whole face relatively speedily; a good concealer, such as the new Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Concealer, which comes in twenty shades; and a facial mist.


I like Glossier Soothing Face Mist (€17 at glossier.com). Apply the concealer liberally where needed – I generally go for under eyes, on the sides of the nose, around the mouth and chin area where makeup tends to surrender first. Spritz a good mist on top, then blend (gently, using circular motions) until the concealer has fully integrated into the original makeup. I promise you, it will look like you have applied an entirely fresh base.

With the basics seen to in a couple of minutes, you can then get to the fun stuff. I have neither patience nor inclination for the removal and reapplication of eye make-up for an evening out. (I am confident that Dante included a circle of hell where the tormented are charged with removing waterproof mascara with face wipes under fluorescent lighting.)

Instead, I will squirrel away something fantastic and transformative that I can plonk on top of whatever I have on my eyes (even on bare lids) without a brush. Shiseido Aqua Dew in Lunar (€32 at Arnotts) is a creamy gel shadow which works on absolutely every skin tone. The glitter is sensational. Pack it on heavily for an almost metallic sheeny gloss, or dot a touch in the centre of the lid for some sparkle that will catch the light and look like effortful glamour.

Instead, or on top, try an easy, portable lipstick. Trinny London's pot system is unbeatable for convenience. Try a slick of Lip2Cheek in Lady J (£25 at trinnylondon.com) applied with fingers on lips and cheeks for an understated, polished lip which enhances a sparkly eye, or opt for one of their red shades for an instantly chic minimal make-up.