Student Hub Digest: Grad Week special

How to maximise the potential of your degree, building an effective CV, finding the right mentor in your workplace, what you need to know about working abroad and more...

Hello and welcome to the first Student Hub digest of the new academic year! In this issue we focus primarily on how students can best transition from college life into the world of work. For example we look at what graduates often look for in an employer and, in the interest of fairness, we also look at what employers look for in graduates! We look at how to prepare an effective CV, we have a round-up of popular grad courses, and we ask how you can maximise the potential of your degree as you look for that first job. For those stories and more, please read on!

How to maximise the potential of your degree: The current generation of students has more knowledge of certain areas than many already in the workforce. One of the biggest changes to education in the past 20 years is the vast number of people who now obtain a third-level degree.

What graduates and employers want from each other: Finding a balance that meets the needs of both parties is essential for a successful working relationship

How to make a successful transition from the classroom to the workplace: The shift from third-level education to the working environment does not need to be abrupt


The importance of critical thinking skills to your career: Critical thinking, analysing of information and ability to solve complex problems are essential skills in the modern world.

Building an effective CV: How to showcase your skills, experiences and qualifications. A well-written application will help make a compelling first impression on potential employers.

Mentorship and career guidance: how to find the right mentor in your new workplace: Mentors can provide guidance, support and valuable insights to new entrants in the workplace.

Strategies to adopt when trying to secure the best job package: There are a number of tips, strategies, and important things to know before you start the job-hunt

What you need to know about working abroad: Working abroad can be a career-enhancing experience while at the same time exploring new countries and cultures

Focus on graduate programmes: A selection of popular graduate recruitment programmes around the country.