Have your say: Are you under 30? Is your living situation affecting your wellbeing? Are you optimistic about the future?

Many 18-30 year olds have expressed concerns about their ability to meet the financial challenges involved in securing their own home or starting a family

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Just 8 per cent of adults aged under 30 in Ireland are positive about their mental wellbeing, with many expressing concerns about their ability to meet the financial challenges involved in securing their own home or starting a family, according to new research.

We’d like to hear what you think. How does your situation, be it living in your childhood home, renting or looking for a home to buy, impact your wellbeing? If starting a family if something you are trying to do, or would like to do, do you feel able to proceed with this in your current housing situation?

A survey of 750 people aged 18 to 30, carried out by Ipsos on behalf of the National Youth Council of Ireland, found a third of respondents rarely or never feel optimistic about their future. The figure was higher among 27-to 29-year-olds (39 per cent) and young women across the entire age range (38 per cent). Fifty per cent of respondents characterised their mental wellbeing as low.

Asked what the three biggest social or political challenges facing Ireland were, 67 per cent mentioned housing, 62 per cent listed the cost of living and 28 per cent said immigration. Mental health, unemployment and crime were among the other issues commonly cited.


How do you feel when you think about your future in Ireland? Do you see yourself able to live on your own or with friends in an affordable house or apartment? Do you see yourself being able to buy your own home at a fair price in an area you want to live in? Do you see yourself being able to enjoy the kind of life your had envisioned when you were younger?

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