Share your story: We would like to hear about readers’ experiences in girls’ schools

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Distressing allegations of child abuse in boys’ schools run by the Spiritans and other religious orders have been making headlines again recently. Historically, the number of allegations of sexual abuse in girls’ schools has been far lower. However, there is a small number of documented cases.

More common are complaints of physical and emotional abuse allegedly suffered at the hands of religious sisters, lay teachers and school visitors. Some of these are referred to in the reports of the National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church In Ireland, though a full investigation was outside its remit.

As part of our effort to better understand the full scale of the issue of historic abuse of children in Irish schools, we would like to learn more about readers’ experiences in girls’ schools. You can use the form below to share an account of sexual, emotional or physical abuse – including abuse that might have fallen under the definition of so-called “moderate physical chastisement” that was legally permissible until 1982.

If you have a story you’d like to share – in complete confidence if desired – please get in touch. Please include your name and contact details and I (Jennifer O’Connell) can follow up with you. Be assured that your experience will be handled sensitively. Your name will never be published without your permission.


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Jennifer O'Connell

Jennifer O'Connell

Jennifer O’Connell is a feature writer and opinion columnist with The Irish Times