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Get hands like a fish, survive the wilds, pack fresh

Darkfin Gloves
Back in the day, The Man from Atlantis was a TV series featuring Bobby Ewing (OK, I know, Patrick Duffy) with webbed hands and feet, as well as a peculiar swimming technique. Darkfin Gloves just do the hands bit with a fine Latex webbing between the fingers to give you a lot more push with every swim stroke, increasing power and speed. The rubber is lightweight and flexible, so you'll still be able to use your hands with a reasonable amount of dexterity. Available in a range of sizes for mermaids and their mermates.
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SOL Origin Survival Tool
This survival tool from Adventure Medical Kit is another hand-sized packet of practicality. You'll find a super reflective, rescue flash mirror, fire strike and 100db whistle in here, as well as a compass, steel cable and cord. There's a lockable blade that'll lose it for you at any airport security (where do all those penknives go?) and small LED torch, all in an ABS plastic waterproof case. Perfect for your inner boy scout or girl guide.
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Mini Moso Natural Bag
The Mini Moso Bag uses 100 per cent bamboo charcoal as a natural filter to make a portable air freshener for backpackers and round-the-worlders. The idea is that you stick it in your luggage where it can naturally neutralise allergens, pollutants and bacteria, as well as absorbing excess moisture for mould-free clothes. So good for that pungent gym bag too. And if you're stacking up the eco brownie points, recycle its innards in the compost heap after a year or two. Meantime, be sure to get your story straight for customs about how it's only an a bag of air freshener.
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