Lilly Higgins: How to turn leftover mashed potatoes into delicious gnocchi

Spend Less, Eat Well: Adding herbs to these tasty little pillows of mash brings a great depth of flavour to this dish

Leftover mashed potatoes are always a blessing. They are a pot of potential for transforming into so many different things, from fish cakes to soup. These gnocchi are delicious little pillows of mash bound together and flecked with herbs. I love using herbs in the kitchen and rely heavily on them, during cooking, and to finish a dish. They bring a depth of flavour during cooking and then a lightness and freshness when added to finish a dish.

This recipe is a great way to use any tired or limp herbs. Just finely chop them and mix into the dough as they still have lots of flavour. Basil, oregano, marjoram, dill, parsley or chives would all work well.

Instead of just topping this with a little butter, we’ll go the extra mile and brown the butter in a pan till nutty and caramelised. This makes a simple but delicious sauce that smells incredible. This brown butter is great with fish, just add a spoonful of capers and a flattened clove of garlic then finish with a squeeze of lemon juice.

Lilly’s Kitchen Tips:

  • When buying herbs wash and dry them in a salad spinner, as you would salad leaves. Remove any that are yellowing or wilted.
  • Place tender herbs (those with a green stem) like coriander, dill and mint in the fridge in a jar of water, as you would flowers in a vase.
  • Roll washed hardy herbs (with a tougher, wooden stem) like rosemary and thyme in damp kitchen paper and store in the fridge.

Recipe: Herb gnocchi with brown butter