‘Up the ’Ra!’: Nigel Farage duped into using republican slogan in birthday video message

GB News host and former Ukip leader hoaxed into using phrase he didn’t know meaning of

Nigel Farage says he was duped into ending a paid-for birthday greeting by saying "Up the 'Ra!"

Earlier this year the leading Brexiteer, former head of the United Kingdom Independence Party and, now, GB News host joined Cameo, a video-sharing platform through which he offers to record personal messages for members of the public in return for a fee of €87. He says that he rejects any unsuitable messages but that one sometimes slips through the screening process.

Farage uses the republican slogan in a birthday greeting in which he says: “This message is for Brian Kelleher, Brexiteer, and I hope you have a great birthday. This comes from your good friend Aidan. Now, it’s a bit early in the day, so all I’ve got, actually, is coffee. But I hope you enjoy a few pints with the lads tonight. Up the ’Ra!”

The recipient posted the video, which has now been widely shared, on social media, commenting: “Quite possibly the best birthday present I’ve ever gotten.”


Farage told MailOnline: “If I saw ‘Up the ’Ra!’ I would have looked at that as something very innocent, and wouldn’t have even known there was an implication to it.

“A lot of messages that I get are friends sending each other messages with their own little jokes or their own little words, which I have to judge – and of course I reject some if they are crude or offensive.”

Asked if he would read out a message if he knew it supported the IRA, Farage replied, “Are you joking? I had a face-to-face death threat from them.”

Farage, who says he joined Cameo to "connect with people from all over the world in a more personal way", has 4,000 fans and a five-star rating on the platform, based on 548 reviews.

This article was amended on October 12th, 2021