Slideshow: portraits of the artists - traditional musicians of an Ghradam Cheoil

Local photographic artist Clare Keogh has created a body of work which captures the emotions, traditions and personalities of some of the nations’ best musical talent.

A photographic exhibition celebrating former Gradam Ceoil TG4 recipients and  their musical traditions will take place at The Atrium, Cork City Council,  City Hall, Anglesea Street, Cork from 20th February to 13th March 2015,  entitled ‘Nádúr An Cheoil - Máistrí Ghradam Cheoil TG4” / “Nature of Music -  Masters of the Gradam Ceoil”.

The exhibition, facilitated by Cork City Council, is the brain child of Redshoe Productions (the production company behind Gradam Ceoil TG4 and TG4’s weekly Arts Show Imeall) and is coordinated by local photographic artist Clare Keogh. Keogh has created a body of work which captures the emotions, traditions and personalities of some of the nations’ best musical talent.

Among the former recipients who are featured are Mícheál O Súilleabbháin, Ben Lennon, Peadar Ó Riada, Edel Fox, Michael Tubridy, Matt Molly and Seamus  Begley to mention but a few; all of whom were photographed with their own distinguishing musical instruments in surroundings of significance to them.

Speaking on the upcoming launch of Clare Keogh’s Photographic Exhibition, Damien O’Mahony, Head of Events at Cork City Council said: “The collection that Clare Keogh has assembled for this exhibition is remarkable. The personalities of these iconic musical talents and their inspiration, is brought to life in Clare’s insightful approach to her art form.  This exhibition reflects the true nature of these musicians and their craft and we are delighted that it will be a focal point for visitors in Cork City Hall for the weekend of Gradam Ceoil TG4 and for a number of weeks thereafter.”


Commenting on the exhibition, Clare Keogh said, “It has been an amazing journey. I have had the pleasure of getting to travel the length and breadth of the country and meeting extraordinary and inspiring individuals at every turn. I covered over 1100 miles. There is an incredibly generous spirit within the tradition. I saw myself as a complete outsider but every musician afforded me the time to make their portraits. Each one of them has been so welcoming and I tried to convey this warmth through the images. I asked the artists to take me to places relevant to their own musical history, the places varied greatly from kitchens to classrooms to places of incredible natural beauty, lakes and forest walks.

Keogh went onto say “Early on in the project, I began to realise that the distinctive style of each musician is synonymous with where that artist is from or now lives. I tried to capture something of the artist but also where they are from. Traveling to the artists homes gave me an insight into the places that inspire them and this lead me to make landscape photos which accompany the portraits.”

The Photography Exhibition which is presented by Cork City Council coincides with Gradam Ceoil TG4 Traditional Irish Music Awards, which takes place at the Cork Opera House on 22nd February 2015. / @gradamceoil