Various: Son of Rogues Gallery

Son of Rogues Gallery
    
Artist: Various
Genre: Pop
Label: Anti

Hal Willner has gone to sea again. A couple of years ago, the producer, encouraged by Pirates of the Caribbean duo Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp, used his wit, wisdom and contacts to turn a notion about an album of sea shanties into a rollicking good listen. Willner has both re-enlisted former buccaneers (Mary Margaret O'Hara, Kate McGarrigle, Richard Thompson, etc) and recruited some new crew members. Beth Orton's River Come Down is a delightful frolic, Nick Cave joins forces with Shilpa Ray for a storming Pirate Jenny, Keith Richard and Tom Waits roll their way through Shenandoah and Dr John adds some exotic New Orleans' sleaze to In Lure of the Tropics. The piratical bawdiness comes courtesy of Iggy Pop's Asshole Rules the Navy. The jolly roger is flying high once again.
Download: Asshole Rules the Navy , Then Said the Captain to Me