Various - Behind The Counter With Max Richter: a treasure-trove compiled

Behind The Counter With
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Artist: Max Richter
Genre: Electronic
Label: Rough Trade Shops

As any record shop crate-digger knows, the best music is often to be found in bags kept for special customers behind the counter. It’s also the title given to this new series from the Rough Trade shops which aims to plot a course through an act’s influences and inspirations from what’s available in-store. With new-school composer Max Richter, that mapping takes the listener on a rich and rewarding journey into electronic and classical terrain.

There's ear-grabbing electronic wobbles from Aphex Twin (DISKPREPT1), pastoral shimmies from Boards of Canada (Zoetrope), spine-tingling atmospherics from Godspeed You! Black Emperor (Rockets Fall On Rockets Fall) and a beautiful reminder of the potency of Kentucky ensemble Rachel's (Last Things Last).

As you’d expect, there’s plenty of classical fare from across the centuries from Handel, Bach, Purcell, Adams and many more. Take this as a guide to what to explore the next time you go digging.