Una Healy - The Waiting Game album review: a folksy turn from the Saturdays gal

Tue, Feb 7, 2017, 06:25


The Waitiing Game

Una Healy


Singer / Songwriter

If you’d heard her pre-Saturdays material, you could argue that Una Healy’s career as a singer-songwriter was sidetracked in favour of pop stardom.

With the girl group on hiatus, Healy’s debut solo album is a solid, inoffensive collection of jaunty pop ballads with a folksy, acoustic twist. Many of these songs have a country-pop twang not unlike Taylor Swift’s early material, such as the wholesome Staring at the Moon and Craving You. Others, like S.O.S. and Alarm Bells, are a little more daring and befitting of a young pop artist rather than one ready to slink sheepishly into middle-age.

Healy’s voice is polished and pleasant, but she could have easily made a bigger impression with a tracklisting that wasn’t so frustratingly agreeable or hesitant to take risks.