Todd Terje: It’s Album Time

Fri, Apr 11, 2014, 00:00


It's Album Time

Todd Terje



Todd Terje has stretched the musical canvas for some time as a DJ and producer, with his devilishly handsome cosmic anthem Inspector Norse putting him firmly on the mainstream radar. You can hear the strains of several of these past musical adventures on the Norwegian’s debut album. There’s his capacity for funky, wobbly good times (Norse), his ability to throw down bubbly nu-disco thrillers (Strandbar), and his fondness for top-drawer silliness (the Latino wig-out on Svensk Sas, the ’70s detective show soundclash that defines Alfonso Muskedunder).Roxy Music man Bryan Ferry Terje on a unexpectedly downcast version of Robert Palmer’s Johnny and Mary. That said, Terje is clearly at his best when he sticks to the grooves and embellishes them with a fresh, shimmering sense of pace and purpose.
Download: Inspector Norse, Strandbar