This Is The Kit - Moonshine Freeze: a five-star stone-cold instant classic

Moonshine Freeze
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Artist: This Is The Kit
Genre: Country
Label: Rough Trade

“I’ve been thinking a lot about truth and storytelling and the way that stories and truth change over time according to who’s telling them or who’s listening to them,” says Kate Stables, singer, songwriter and anchor of This Is The Kit, the folk-rock collective with roots in Paris and Bristol.

This insight is key to their fourth album. Stables surrounds herself with impressive and like-minded musicians such as Rozi Plain while producer John Parish creates a warm electronic folk setting. Her voice is tender, assured, knowing, resonant. The 11 tracks are moments in time, fragments of memory, mystery and melody that combine to create an almost mesmeric experience that reveals anew on each hearing.

The cascading guitar figure in All Written Out; the soft determination of Riddled With Ticks; the lilting grace of Be My Demon's Eye. And much, much more. Just lend an ear.