The Scratch: Couldn’t Give a Rats – Rousing acoustic rockers itching for fun

This Dublin quartet turn their acoustic instruments into high-intensity tools

Couldn't Give a Rats
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Artist: The Scratch
Genre: Alternative
Label: Self-Released

The first track on the debut album by The Scratch is entitled Pull Your Jocks Up, a propulsive, rousing acoustic rock number that dramatically announces their intent. “You are your own secret weapon,” they bellow at the chorus, an uplifting mantra with a hint of Damien Dempsey’s “love yourself today, okay”.

The Dublin quartet rose to prominence organically thanks to footage of them busking at the annual Rory Gallagher festival in Ballyshannon, Co Donegal going viral. The festival was a fitting place to showcase their metal and hard rock-inspired inspired take on folk. One week and one million views later and they began an ascent through Dublin venues the Underground, Grand Social and Whelan's.

Like everything else, their launch party plans have been put on ice for the time being, but they will be taking to Facebook and YouTube on Friday night, adhering to the old adage that the show must go on, whatever virtual form it takes.

Couldn’t Give a Rats brilliantly splices humour with self-esteem-boosting lyrics and a brilliant knack for writing and performing songs with great arrangements, while turning their acoustic instruments into high-intensity tools. Think Rodrigo y Gabriela to the power of a thousand or two.

Session Song perfectly nails the Irish penchant for hedonism, complete with a peculiar spoken word outro that suggests their live shows are an absolute hoot and a half.

Closing with Underworld, one of their most nuanced and expansive tracks yet, The Scratch deliver a fine and very promising debut.