The Frank and Walters - Songs for the Walking Wounded: another well-crafted collection of janglepop

Songs for the Walking Wounded
    
Artist: The Frank & Walters
Genre: Alternative
Label: FIFA Records

Four years after their triumphant comeback of sorts with Greenwich Meantime, Cork’s indie stalwarts return with another well-crafted collection of janglepop and balladry.

The seventh Frank and Walters album doesn't revolutionise the genre, but Paul Linehan's songwriting has suitably matured to reflect a band now in their 27th year of existence and songs like the pensive Fishes and the swoonsome Riviera capture their less rambunctious approach.

That said, there are some damned fine indie pop numbers here, most notably Hanging on the Edge and Stages, which sees actor Cillian Murphy recite a sombre monologue on moving on from the past.

In a way, it’s business as usual – but with The Frank and Walters, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Lauren Murphy

Lauren Murphy

Lauren Murphy is a freelance journalist and broadcaster. She writes about music and the arts for The Irish Times