Sharon Corr: The Fool & the Scorpion review – Warm, expressive vocals

Arrangements never stray too far from The Corrs’s recognisable template

The Fool & the Scorpion
    
Artist: Sharon Corr
Genre: Pop
Label: Warner Music UK

The Corrs were never really known for digging deep – they may have gently scratched an itch but they never sliced the skin.

Andrea Corr tried her darnedest to break free of the band’s generic conservativeness with her underrated 2007 solo debut, Ten Feet High, but there was little sign that either of her two older sisters, Caroline and Sharon, would attempt anything so exploratory. The past two years, however, have presented domestic upheavals for both siblings, with each of their marriages ending, and that begs the question: does the title of Sharon Corr’s third solo album hold any significance?

Clearly, it does, not least via songs such as Freefall (“shattered on the floor, you won’t put me back together like before, not like before…”) and Lend Me Your Shoulder (“no longer lovers, wrapped under covers… let me be whole again… hold me close, let me feel safe…”).

While the narrative details are as honest and reflective as they come – Sharon describes the period of separation as “the biggest storm” of her life – the song arrangements never stray too far from The Corrs’s recognisable template. The band’s fans will be pleased, of course, but those expecting any adventurous musical accompaniment will be disappointed.


Stick around for the overall sound, however, and you’ll no doubt wallow in Corr’s warm, expressive vocals and spotless production by LA’s finest, Larry Klein.

Tony Clayton-Lea

Tony Clayton-Lea

Tony Clayton-Lea is a contributor to The Irish Times specialising in popular culture