Seamus Fogarty review: Wandering Mayo man with plenty to say

The Curious Hand
    
Artist: Seamus Fogarty
Genre: Singer / Songwriter

Seamus Fogarty is showing us the stamps on his passport. The Mayo man went to "play the fool in London", as he recounts on Short Ballad for a Long Man, and work on building sites in Chicago (Seems Wherever), only to dream of hopping on the next train to Mexico. Wherever his rambling spirit takes him, there's unease as something inside him is telling him to move on.

From singing short of a warble to purely electronic tracks that cling and clang (Tommy the Cat, funnily enough, has a squawking tin whistle and pipes that will drive the dog in your life demented), The Curious Man is a treasure trove of noises and stories from a man with plenty to say.

Pull up a stool and listen to him spin a yarn.