Rory Gallagher studio marks 20 years since blues star’s death

Seminal guitarist’s music played live and featured simultaneously on Cork radio stations

The 20th anniversary of the death of blues guitarist Rory Gallagher on June 14th, 1995 was marked on Sunday with the inauguration of a new recording studio in Cork named after the musician which also showing previously unseen photographs and memorabilia.

The Camden Palace Hotel Community Arts Centre in the city, where the studio is located, marked the day with a special concert, with Gallagher’s music performed live by Sinnerboy, Mishap and Crojayn.

Tattoo’d Lady

The late star’s sounds were heard all over Cork city on Friday, with radio stations simultaneously playing his hit Tattoo’d Lady at lunchtime.

Red FM, 96FM, C103 and UCC 98.3FM came on board to pay tribute to the Donegal native, who grew up in Cork.


Eoin Gallagher, a nephew of Rory, played a few notes of the song on Shandon Bells at the Church of St Anne. A rendition of the hit was played by a tribute act at Rory Gallagher Plaza in Paul Street, Cork.

There was also a reading of Louis de Paor’s evocative A Poem for Rory Gallagher.

A rival

Speaking to Red FM, Gallagher’s brother Donal said while the guitarist was a rival when they were growing up, he couldn’t have asked for a better sibling.

“He was always the rival. You always wanted what your older brother had. He got the guitar. I probably got a dinky toy. He was a wonderful brother to have because he was a very confident, quiet person. He was understated.”

Gallagher died aged 47, having sold 30 million records.

Lord Mayor of Cork, Mary Shields, said Gallagher is synonymous with the city.

“His loss at such a young age was a loss to music, a multitude of fans world wide, to Cork itself but most of all to his beloved family.

“We remember his passing with great sadness but celebrate his outstanding legacy with enormous pride.”