Robot samples Dublin subculture


You may or may not have heard of One More Robot, one of Dublin’s more interesting pop culture magazines. The latest issueof the quarterly looks at the history of subcultures in the capital, with writer Ruraidh Conlon O’Reilly charting the emergence of teddy boys, mods, rockers, greasers, punks, goths and various other post-1950s counterculture scenes.

“It’s fun to explore their world, better still to join it,” writes O’Reilly. “Discovering these subcultures dressing, sounding and thinking differently throughout the decades can only inspire, and One More Robot has its own little part to play in celebrating the different.”

You can nab a copy of the magazine in various city centre shops, including All City (Crow Street), Blind Tiger Collective Store (South William Street), The Winding Stair Bookshop (Lower Ormond Quay) and the Record Art and Game Emporium (Fade Street). It’s also online at