Prins Thomas - Principe del Norte: an invitation to the sweetest chill-out session on the block

Thu, Feb 18, 2016, 20:00


Principe del Norte

Prins Thomas

Smalltown Supersound


Get comfy in your chair, Prins Thomas has gone slo-mo.

The Norwegian producer Thomas Moen Hermansen is best known for wobbly cosmic disco wig-outs, where elegant, rich and detailed jams are to the fore.

Here, though, he turns his hand to beatless creations which float, waft and drift to higher ground.

It’s a collection of slow-burning beauties which reminds you of various ambient space cadets who’ve tilled this ground before.

But while there are shades of The Orb, the Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works, the Black Dog and other Warp/IDM throwbacks, there’s also plenty to remind you of the producer’s own dexterity with textures.

Each of the nine blissed- out tracks takes its time to find a spark before underlining its pleasure principle.

An album full of elegant twinkles and understated sparkle, Principe del Norte is an invitation to the sweetest chill-out session on the block.