Preachers Son: 10 Stories Tall

Fri, Aug 1, 2014, 00:00


10 Stories Tall

Preachers Son

Preachers Son Records


If we’re to believe all we read about Brian Hogan, the frontman of this gritty Irish rock band, he really is the son of a preacher man. Eschewing the message of the gospel for a musical life, first with fearless folk/world act Kila, and now with Preachers Son, Hogan clearly aims to make his mark. In other words, the cleverly-titled 10 Stories Tall sets out its stall right in front of you, unafraid that it might crush your toes.Tinged with the kind of grease you find on a busy garage floor, this is swamp rock as referenced by David Bowie (Johnny’s Alright might just infringe Rebel Rebel’s sleazy copyright, but I won’t say a word if you don’t), Jack White and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Occasional tune similarities aside, expect fractious guitars and, frankly, downright filthy riffs. Download: Johnny’s Alright, Not the Only One, Somebody Down