Pop Corner: Rat Boy gets his future indie disco on; Ariana gets fresh

Ooh we’ve come over all undue round Pop Corner, as we say “hiya” to guitar scamp Rat Boy

Track of the week: Move by Rat Boy

Ooh we’ve come over all undue round Pop Corner, as we say “hiya” to guitar scamp Rat Boy. Channelling late 1990s Fatboy Slim vibes, mixed with early Jamie T, we’re really into this future indie disco classic. It’s uptempo, scrappy and has a chorus that makes you want to hold your pint aloft on the dancefloor.

Hero of the week is Jade Little Mix. She told Maximum Pop that she's keen to learn Arabic. Her resolutions for 2016? "To start playing the piano again. To get even fitter because we've got the tour coming up, and to learn Arabic." Her current hobbies are diverse too: "I really enjoy sudoku. When I'm just sitting, chilling, I always have a sudoku book. And I like baking cakes."

In perfume news, Ariana Grande has released a unisex scent, inspired by her brother. Combining fruity and musky notes, Ari's pretty stoked about the fragrance. "My brother Frankie is my best friend. When we're together, we have the best time and can't stop laughing. We thought, 'let's change the game this Valentine's Day and get everyone involved', creating a fresh new scent that EVERYONE can wear! I really love how it smells . . . it's energetic, sexy and so addictive"


Zero of the week is singing for your supper, according to Nadine Girls Aloud. She posted a life update on her Instagram. She shared a picture of a hoodie emblazoned with the phrase "I don't need therapy, I just need to listen to Nadine Coyle", and captioned it: "I am studying to be a psychiatrist. I could help with another kind therapy (in possibly 10yrs) #medicaldregreehereicome. Ps I'm still a singer."