Pop Corner: One Direction heading the right way but Nadine still traumatised

Ailbhe Malone gets into the corners of popdom



by One Direction

The phrase “mid-tempo ballad” never sets the heart aflame, but this offering from 1D is simple and sweet. With touches of soft rock and a really lovely hook in the verses (“and I can’t give up”) it’s inoffensive – try holding hands to it at a bonfire.


UNLIKELY HERO OF THE WEEK is Tony Bennett, who helped out Lady Gaga after a tough year. Gaga told CBS that after Artpop didn't sell as many as her previous records she "felt like people were . . . holding me to a very high standard."

She went on: “Everybody’s hooting and hollering because I didn’t sell 20 million records this time . . . I don’t have a formula . . . and I crashed sometime in the middle of last year. I just didn’t want to make music anymore.” Luckily, Bennett stepped in and told Gaga: “Don’t ever let anybody take down the quality or intelligence of anything you do.”

And now they’re releasing jazz standards together. As you do.

ZERO OF THE WEEK goes to Facebook for meddling with the youthful hijinks of 5 seconds of summer. Drummer Ashton Irwin complained to Young Hollywood: "We uploaded a picture once of Michael recording naked in the booth. Our Facebook page got taken down. We had to plead . . . to put it back up. It was rough."

Life is rough, boys.

Meanwhile, Nadine Coyle still isn't over the Girls Aloud split. She told the Daily Mirror: "I didn't want the band to end . . . on the very last night of the tour, our management and publicist . . . said the girls wanted to split up the band. I was thinking, 'What?!' I was already in hair and make-up . . . and the show was starting in 20 minutes. I was shocked." Poor Nadine.