Paul Weller: More Modern Classics

Fri, May 30, 2014, 00:00


More Modern Classics

Paul Weller



Here’s a second volume of hits and singles from Paul Weller, culled from Heliocentric (2002) up to Sonik Kicks (2012). It’s sometimes easy to forget just how many solo albums Weller has put out, and this is a timely reminder that the songwriting genius behind The Jam never really lost his touch – though it did go awol for a while. From the Floorboards Up has plenty of new wave swagger, and That Dangerous Age manages to sound like the midpoint between Ray Davis and Tamla Motown. But it’s on the likes of 22 Dreams where it all comes together for him – even if you can’t help feeling it’s his most Jam sounding solo work which always sounds the best.There are two new songs here, including the single, Brand New Toy, a bouncy bar-room affair which proves that Weller’s fire really hasn’t gone out. A solid collection from a revered talent. Download: Brand New Toy, From The Floorboards Up, 22 Dreams