Nomade Orquestra - Entremundos: Inventive from start to finish

Nomade Orquestra: Entremundos (Far Out), 4 stars

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Artist: Nomade Orquestr
Genre: World Music
Label: Far Out

Nomad is a good name for this 10-piece Sao Paulo outfit with a multiplicity of influences, who resist all efforts to pin down and categorise. Genre-wise, they have roots in a jazzy brass band style but are powered up with electric guitar, keyboards and solidly funky bass, plus a clatter of percussion on hand.

Inventive from start to finish and expertly arranged, they travel through brassy jazz-rock to harmonica-driven blues stomper to Ethio-grooves to funky guitar workout, sometimes in the same piece.

Musicianship is excellent; the brass section does stately and melodic as well as boisterous, ensemble discipline is tight, and solos are short and to the point. Carrying on where their 2016 debut left off, this is an engrossing journey.