Niall Horan: Flicker review: dripping with country-style nostalgia

Fri, Oct 20, 2017, 14:35



Niall Horan

Neon Haze/Capitol


Country music seems to have a hold on our pop stars this year and now One Direction’s Niall Horan’s acoustic guitar is twanging hard on his debut album Flicker.

Flicker reeks of nostalgia for Don Henley’s Hotel California and while being in a boy band may age you drastically, the Mullingar lad just turned 24.

“I’ve got a young heart and it’s wild and free,” he sings on You and Me, placing him top of the organ donor list.

Soggy biscuit This Town aside, Horan has found his groove in inoffensive soft rock. Slow Hands is a sultry thing and Seeing Blind, a duet with country star Maren Morris, wouldn’t sound of out of place on the TV show Nashville.

Alas, this album won’t set the world on fire because it is just a Flicker after all.