Lizzo - Big Grrrl Small World: weighty issues don’t get in the way of a good time

Big Grrrl Small World
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Artist: Lizzo
Genre: Hip-Hop & Rap
Label: BGSW

Second time around and Melissa Jefferson has a much different set of issues on her mind.

If her debut album Lizzobangers was the Detroit-born, Houston-raised and Minneapolis-based rapper, singer and flautist at play with badass, cheeky tracks such as Batches & Cookies, Big Grrrl Small World appears to be cut from much more serious cloth.

It’s where Lizzo the activist gets to roam, an album where tracks are concerned with themes like racism, feminism and body image.

Yet being right on doesn't mean Lizzo has lost her sparkle. As she flexes righteous lyrical muscles on tracks like Ain't I?, My Skin and Ride, the playful rapper with the sharp wit is still very much to the fore in the midst of the strident outrage.


There may be only a small coterie of rappers digging into these topics, yet Lizzo shows you can do so and still have a good time.