Ingrid & Christine Jensen – Infinitude album review: Sound of infinity rewards repeat listening

Thu, Feb 2, 2017, 11:00



Ingrid & Christine Jensen



What’s with the far north and the sound of infinity? Sisters Ingrid and Christine Jensen, two of Canada’s finest jazz musicians, have crafted their own transatlantic version of the limitless Scandinavian sound on their first jointly-led recording with strong, folk-tinged melodies, spacious, austere harmony and slow-burn grooves that ebb and flow like the tide.

The strong writing – evenly divided between trumpeter Ingrid and saxophonist Christine – recalls their two abiding influences, fellow Canadian Kenny Wheeler and Minnesotan Maria Schneider, in whose Grammy-winning orchestra Ingrid has been a fixture for the past two decades.

The addition of fellow Schneider alumnus, New York heavyweight Ben Monder on guitar, adds layers of ethereal electrics, and flashes of fire, to an aptly-named recording that rewards repeated listening.