Ger Wolfe: I Have Been Loved

Fri, Nov 29, 2013, 00:00


I Have Been Loved

Ger Wolfe

Raggedy Records

Singer / Songwriter

Corkman Ger Wolfe has earned the respect and devotion of his peers without ever scoring a No 1 hit or becoming a household name. If Wolfe’s seventh record is anything to go by, Christy Moore is a fan – and an influence. Songs such as the sparse, acoustic guitar-led Silent Hymn and Lay Your Burden Down are beautiful in their simplicity, the latter succinctly showcasing Wolfe’s poetic turn of phrase on the topic of grief. An even balance is struck between austere arrangements and an uplifting folk-pop lilt, as heard on I Will Awake, although it teeters precariously towards cheesiness on They Dance When It Rains. Still, anchored by Wolfe’s honest vocal and the unsettling shimmer of closer Tell All the Lies, I Have Been Loved is a sound, understated offering. Download: I Have Been Loved, Tell All the Lies