Gabrielle Aplin: English Rain

Fri, May 10, 2013, 01:00


English Rain




This 20-year-old Wiltshire singer-songwriter is probably best known (so far) for her cover of Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s The Power of Love soundtracking a TV advert for a British chain store – a version that grabbed the top spot in the UK singles chart December last. Negotiating success from covers to self-written material, how- ever, is always tricky, especially for such a generically decent songwriter. Which is to say that while there’s nothing on her debut you haven’t heard before, there are signs that Aplin is more attuned to Laura Marling’s idea of folk music than anyone else you might think of. Early days, then. If Aplin can enhance and amplify her occasionally quite deft pop/folk tunes ( Please Don’t Say You Love Me, Alive, Salvation, Human) then fine; if not, she will surely join the queue of might-have-beens.

Download: Please Don’t Say You Love Me, Salvation