Future Islands: Singles

Fri, Apr 4, 2014, 00:00



Future Islands



These are strange times for the long-running Baltimore band. A recent TV appearance on Late Show with David Letterman means that all eyes are firmly on them as they prepare to release their fourth album. Singles, the album in question, is perfectly turned out for such attention, a fantastically warm, infectious and curious set of synth-pop. While Singles obviously can’t showcase frontman Samuel T Herring’s bugged-out, unencumbered dance steps, it does feature his soulful, often primal, occasionally raw, always emotive vocals aligned to songs that are passionate, intimate and big-hearted. Seasons (Waiting on You), the beautifully soft, slender shapes of A Song for Our Grand-fathers and the lush sweep of A Dream of You and Me are full of glorious sparkle and occasional spots of melancholic sadness. A big ol’ hit. future-islands.com
Download: A Dream of You and Me, A Song for Our Grandfathers, Seasons (Waiting on You)