Conor Oberst: Upside Down Mountain

Fri, May 16, 2014, 00:00


Upside Down Mountain

Conor Oberst

Nonesuch Records

Singer / Songwriter

Nothing if not prolific, Conor Oberst has spent his entire career recording, collaborating and releasing an impressive volume of music, most famously as Bright Eyes and more recently as part of Monsters of Folk. The Nebraskan’s latest solo effort is a fine illustration of his lyrical and melodic prowess. There’s a good balance of forthright full-band tracks that nod to 1970s Laurel Canyon folk-pop (Zigzagging Towards the Light, Kick) and reflective acoustic material (the delicate flutter of Artifact #1), while lines such as “I’m so bored with my life, but I’m still afraid to die” and tracks such as You Are Your Mother’s Child exhibit Oberst’s gift for storytelling. With harmonised backing vocals from Swedish sisters First Aid Kit on several songs, this is a charmingly well-rounded album.
Download: Kick, Zigzagging Towards the Light