Chaka Khan at Electric Picnic: feminist anthem 'I’m Every Woman' heavy with relevance

This is no comfy nostalgia trip as R’n’B anthems burn up the night

Chaka Khan
Main Stage

64 going on 34, Chaka Khan shimmies out in a faux-baseball top, ripped jeans and a huge smile: for anyone who thinks it's a nostalgia gig, there's plenty to suggest she's not lost relevance.

For starters, her vocals are just as on form – she hits the big notes, with no need to rely on her able trio of backing singers, though they provide the backdrop to let her vocals shine.

With another five members completing the full-on production, songs that have become R’n’B blueprints such as I Feel for You and Super Life are shown off in their unadulterated format, and prove an ideal companion for the last of the weekend’s sun. And when the feminist anthem of I’m Every Woman comes on, there’s special relevance at festival heavy with Repeal messaging.

Finishing with Ain’t Nobody, it’s clear she’s won over the crowd – as if there was any doubt.

In three words: Still a legend

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