Aoife Doyle – Clouds album review: Dublin vocalist makes smooth transition to composer

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Artist: Aoife Doyle
Genre: Jazz
Label: Self-Released

Dublin vocalist Aoife Doyle’s debut release was a typical jazz singer’s album: a collection of other people’s tunes, delivered with all the craft and attention to detail you would expect of an academically trained vocalist but not terribly revealing of the artist behind the music.

This time, with support from Music Network, Doyle has stepped over that "jazz singer" threshold and entered the more challenging space of composer and lyricist.

Clouds – the Joni Mitchell reference is surely intentional – is a collection of Doyle's own songs, insightful, music-full, believable songs about love and longing that strike a deeper note and give her pitch-perfect group – pianist Johnny Taylor, bassist Andrew Csibi and drummer Dominic Mullan – plenty to work with, musically and spiritually.