Anna Falkenau and Lena Ullman: I Can Hear You Calling – rich folk mix from German/Swedish duo

Fri, Oct 6, 2017, 00:00


I Can Hear You Calling

Anna Falkenau and Lena Ullman

Independent Release


The musical embodiment of the meaninglessness of borders, Anna Falkenau and Lena Ullman are a German/Swedish duo who live and breathe a rich mix of American Old Timey, Irish traditional and, in Falkenau’s case, south Indian influences. 

Ullman is truly the girl from the north country, her high lonesome voice aching with the troubles she recounts on her own Blueberry/Snowdrop and the utterly contemporary Homeless. The pair’s marriage of fiddle and banjo sits perfectly in their chosen musical landscape, where the raw bar glistens in all its free-spirited, unadorned glory.

Falkenau’s compositions are beautifully quirky, full of unexpected twists and turns, and her Apatchy Hunting in the Garden is a masterclass in imaginative playing and tune-christening alike. An ear-whispering collection that lingers long after their reading of Charlie Lennon’s beautiful Easter Snow fades.