Ann Scott: Venus to the Sky

Fri, Oct 18, 2013, 00:00


Venus to the Sky

Ann Scott

Raghouse Records


For her fourth album, Ann Scott wanted to convey a feeling of unity and togetherness. The Dubliner accomplishes it within the confines of these 10 tracks, which are tied together both sonically and lyrically by themes of love and a current of considered solemnity. Utilising a full band to great effect on songs such as All About Love (a strident PJ Harveyesque standout), Scott subtly plays around with rhythm and song construction on the indie-rock chug of Joy and For the First Time. Elsewhere, a combination of keyboard, strings and her haunted, languid vocals give Stripes an airy, sweet tang. While the tone of these predominantly musically downbeat songs are somewhat lacking in variety, there’s no question that the one-time folk singer has here mastered the art of the slouchy, pensive indie-rock tune.
Download: All About Love, Stripes