TV Sound & Image: British Television, Film and Library Composers 1955-78 Soul Jazz ****

The importance of a good theme tune should not be underestimated. This overview of what various composers were producing for British TV and film shows over the course of three decades is ample proof of this.

Such indelible sonic hallmarks as the theme tunes to Tomorrow’s World (come on down Richard Denton and Martin Cook with your wobbly proto-bleeps), The Persuaders (John Barry on the case) and Get Carter (the brooding, sinister handiwork of Roy Budd still retains its soundscape thrills), have endured long after plotlines or story arcs have been lost in the mists of time. What’s also noticable about this weighty two-CD set of themes and incidental music is how downright funky some of those breaks were, a fact which has not escaped crate-diggers over the years.

Download tracks:Get Carter, New Avengers Theme