The Galileo 7


Are We Having Fun Yet? Teen Sound Records****

Some bands are destined to be great fun, churning out music in a pass-the-parcel-and-don’t- sit-on-the-whoopee-cushion fashion. Some songwriters are built like that, too. They won’t be asked on board the new Matt Cardle album, but within their skill set is a knack for penning highly memorable tunes. One such geezer is Allan Crockford, who has has spent time in bands such as The Prisoners and Thee Headcoats – more as a trusty sideman than as main singer or songwriter. The Galileo 7 and their deliriously giddy debut changes all that. Are We Having Fun Yet?combines trademark 1960s punk (Strawberry Alarm Clock) and 1970s punk (Undertones) with Britpop-era Blur and early Pink Floyd psych-pop. It’s a masterclass in stringently taut pop/rock songwriting. All too familiar? In truth, yes, but everything here is so on the money that, for once, familiarity breeds content. See

Download tracks: Orangery Lane, Feed the Meter