Liam O’Connor’s exceptional solo album ‘The Loom’

Tue, Apr 18, 2017, 06:44


The Loom

Liam O'Connor

Independent Release


The possibility that we are in a golden age of traditional music, is reinforced by the release of Liam O’Connor’s exceptional solo album The Loom. O’Connor has long been a thoughtful, considered fiddle player who wears his acquaintance with the musicians who came before him with equal parts pride and subtlety.

The influence of Tommie Potts is writ large in O’Connor’s reading of a rare version of the title tune. O’Connor’s own tune compositions are masterful. The Rights of Women, a tribute to the 18th-century feminist Mary Wollstonecraft, bristles with an indomitable high spirit, while his jig, Small By Name... pays meticulous  attention to every last note.

Liam’s duet with his father, flute player Mick, on the reel set, Lucky In Love sees the pair magically revel in one another’s musical agility. A multi-layered treasure trove.